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Презентация компании:

The analysis, confirmed by the statistics of fires, shows that fires from defects in electric networks are one of the main causes in the total number of fires, since sparking occurs in places where normal electrical contact is disturbed. Is it really impossible to solve this problem?

Since 2016, Ecolight has developed and launched an innovative device for protection against sparks from ultrasonic scanning devices.

The device monitors sparking in the protected circuit and, in case of fire danger, disconnects the mains from the power supply. Development significantly surpasses foreign analogues in all respects, including in price and power.

The standard equipment for the protection of power grids used everywhere, does not recognize sparking, and therefore cannot serve as protection against a fire hazard.

Ultrasound is indispensable for all rooms where there is electricity, and especially for private housing, apartments, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and public institutions.

Preventing fires Ultrasound protection saves thousands of lives. With it, the electricity in the houses becomes even safer and life more and more comfortable.