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ООО ЦЗИ "Север"

Презентация компании:

The "Medset" service is a mobile application that helps medical institutions and patients to get closer to each other and simplify communication, unload registration, increase accessibility and awareness of medical care.

Medical institutions purchase a subscription to the service. For clinics and specialists it is a convenient web-interface and / or mobile application, for patients - a free mobile application on the phone.

The Medset service has been operating in the city of Yakutsk since 2015, and in spring 2019, it hosted the Social Projects Development Fund's acceleration program and became its finalist. In 2019, the cities of Ulan-Ude, Yaroslavl and Krasnogorsk were connected, and the functionality of online consultations with specialists was added. Currently, more than 10,000 users are registered in the service, and in 2018 more than 25,000 applications were submitted through the service, while in the past period of 2019 about 20,000 applications were submitted.