Презентация компании:

Сайт компании: https://bt-comfort.ru/

АО "Бюро Техники"

Energy-efficient container-module data center with natural-like air-cooling technology to create stable distributed computing systems.


DGB is distinguished by the fact that the water sprayers containing rectangular holes are made in thin-walled metal or polymer membranes, with the water flow side of the hole covered by an arch element. 

Underneath the arch element there is a powerful auto-vibration process, in which intensive water spraying takes place. In order to protect the electronic calculators and filters from dust and sand carried by the winds along the ground surface and to protect the drip sprayers from wind gusts, the area of the air inlets is separated from the environment by light polycarbonate cellular panels.


All electrical power consumed by the computing electrical devices is transferred to the heat, for the removal of which the fans pump air through the devices, in the amount of 200 - 300 m3/hour for each 1.0 kW of power consumed. The air is cleaned from dust by coarse and fine filters. During the warm period of the year, especially when solar radiation overheats the ground surface, the patented evaporative cooling system of the air starts working.