ООО "Нилар"

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Презентация компании:

Neilar team has developed a hardware-software complex of industrial safety Sprith for difficult working conditions.

Sprith is an all-weather industrial safety system in the form of portable radio modules. 

They prevent collisions of mobile machinery with other equipment and personnel at the industrial site. The principle of operation of Sprith is based on high-precision navigation and conflict-free synchronization of navigation measurements.

Works in all light and visibility conditions, with all precipitation and in a wide range of temperatures, both outside (industrial sites, quarries, drilling) and inside the premises (shops, mines). Provides high-precision (5-15 cm) positioning of personnel and equipment, access control to the zones, prevents collisions in real time. Prediction of mutual trajectories of movement of machinery and personnel makes it possible to automatically distinguish between dangerous and safe approaches. Lack of base station infrastructure dramatically simplifies deployment and scaling.


The main task of Sprith is to protect the personnel and preserve the company's assets when performing hazardous operations, and the information collected helps to improve the efficiency of technological processes.