Сайт компании: http://pufpay.com/

Презентация компании:

PUFpay is a cloud-based online payment service for small and large businesses, as well as physical
faces. The service helps the seller to quickly place the payment system on the site without special skills,
specify the link to payment in social networks and mailing lists or send it to the buyer in messengers. Buyer
can choose a convenient method of payment. The key feature is the simplicity of the system: minimum actions
and clicks from the seller and the buyer to make a sale. Automated systems are in place
of sales.

The main problems that PUFpay solves are that sellers engage it-specialists to connect to the payment system and perform a lot of actions when ordering and selling; according to the new legislation, you can't accept payments if you don't have an online cash register - there are big fines for this; registration of sales through a manager or a website takes a lot of time and is not suitable for small internet trading through social networks and messengers.